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intense flashes in the skies burning debris falling to the ground and meteo breaks up over rushes year olds and showers down on the return. also this hour financial movers and shakers flock to major gathering in moscow to chew over the state a world economy made currency manipulation is and the never ending euro zone crisis . and concerns over hollywood horror future the surface in the u.s. says the government's assault support for surveillance is millions spent on biometrics research. plus says budget cuts in the britain strike against the police with thousands of layoffs in the past year all she takes a look at whether less officers means more crime. welcome
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to all t. and of course we start with some breaking news this hour people in the urals and russia have seen burning all troops raining down from the sky after an exploded about the earth causing a meteor shower so i would dismiss reported several blasts rocking the region and long trails of smoke in there and she's going to share with us in the studio very welcome now so what story i mean to brighten up our morning routine is basically i guess this is arguably the worst or the most interesting morning you could possibly have basically imagine you're driving to work or you're walking to school or whatever and then all of a sudden there's five or six blasts people are still differing about the accounts of what was happening five or six they're rocking through the earth and actually
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i'm hoping that we can say yes so here's what you can see basically you're driving down the road and then there's the sparkling thing going through the atmosphere and just blows up and you cannot hear it here you can hear the sound but there's really a boom basically this is all happening in that you have been screeching which is in the euro is mountains it's happening right around nine o'clock in the morning so you know the rush hour traffic everybody is on their way somewhere there was glass shattered in various in various buildings actually we know a report that there was. the glass has shattered in one of the schools and several children have actually been wounded by the by the glass that was falling but you can see the pictures again right there this is really really an amazing sight i mean you don't get to see that kind of the kind of picture very often. people were being evacuated from public places they were told to stay indoors again see day and then we go straight into night in think about the fact that there's during this entire time there's this very loud explosion so basically it's people were told by
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the minister of emergencies to stay inside not to go outside they were being evacuated from public places like train stations or or schools. or whatever. there were reports of really poor still. coverage people have their cell phone stopped working which is also another kind of a very disheartening situation you're you know you see something like this happening you start calling your loved ones your family and they're not responding because there's no connection. apparently this is an asteroid which broke apart into several pieces five or six pieces which as they entered the earth's atmosphere they basically exploded and there was this boom that everybody heard and apparently according to the reports that we're getting from the minister emergencies and from the police they have recovered one of the fragments of the oil they did also say they thought he's also said that so far to their estimates there has been no measured the levels of radiation obviously this is one of the primary concerns with
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everything that's coming from space and they said the radiation levels are fine and there were fears that they could have been a military aircraft or even as yet of course immediately immediately there have been speculations flying about exactly what was happening i mean there is some of the why witness accounts are coming from all these grandmothers the bug which goes in the village who say that they walk outside you have no fall and they have no electricity to see this thing flying through the air by the way what you're seeing right now is actually the school that i was talking about you can see just how much the grasses were gloucester shattered by the explosion of the asteroid. of course people started speculating about what was happening like somebody said the war has started these were actually missiles flying overhead others to. do the emergency ministry people say now about communication and mobile communications and. radiation levels as well the radiation levels seem to be all
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right but again the only recovered one piece that we still have to see what happened to the other four or five as far as the cellular coverage well there is still there is there are still some some interfere. there are still some issues with that obviously i'm imagining people are calling each other like crazy at this point everybody's standing in forwarding each other pictures and the video the video is amazing though apparently there is there are some reports there are some speculations that this could actually be a fragment from the asteroid two one to one for also hold on the on the right which is supposed to come closest to to the planet and it's supposed to do it it was supposed to do it here today yeah yeah yeah this is sort of a teaser you know is sort of. exactly what it is we still have to wait for the scientists and for the authorities to have their say about what exactly is happening but this could be it could be a fragment of that asteroid probably you know of course when astronomers but they say about its closest approach will be at nineteen twenty five g.m.t.
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and it's about four hours away from. a little risk of collision hopefully so. right well you know if there was a risk if that's what it is then i guess as usual we've got the brunt of it and we have a large territories so never dibley things that fall from the sky they have a tendency to live. and go to the moon what maybe what was just wait a couple of hours and see what happens next. thanks for sharing your optimism with us and of course we'll be talking to you later thank you. space rocks approaching burnout safely in the planet's atmosphere that's according to strong words of course and we know that however one of getting all the way through to the surface isn't such an uncommon event so some scientists estimate hundreds of them actually reach the ground every year however because of the in terms of burning in the atmosphere most end up too small to cause any damage and produce a display like the one above the urals today so finding
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a fragment of freshly fallen takes a great deal of like during ninety seven percent of space rocks found on earth have fallen long ago and being injured by a falling falling literally is an even rarer event with only one universally accepted accepted case in modern history for kilogram rocks trunk through the roof on alabama home in one thousand nine hundred fifty two for interrupting the residence afternoon up hating her on the arm and leg a bit of history for you now here. let's move on now so they world's economic woes stirred by tit for tat currency battles and europe's painful crisis will come to light at a meeting of the g twenty financial heads and the leaders of central banks here in moscow so for russia the gathering is seen as a launch pad for a broader g. twenty summit this year and to talk more on that and are joined live by and he's.
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lucy. but you've been overshadowed yeah a bit but. to me to write story but still always hearing now its concerns about the prospect of the so-called currency war so what's behind this and are there any decisions on the cards today. good morning there you will from a cosmic sparks caused by media showers to economic sparks caused by the prospect of a currency war now this has been raised by japan essentially lowering the value of the yen and this has opened a massive rift between rich countries who are heavily in debt and growing faster growing countries developing countries that are heavily dependent on exports who are quite worried about a wave of competitive devaluations now what does all this financial mumbo jumbo mean basically in tough economic times it could be pretty tempting for a country to lower the value of its currency for example taking this twenty dollar bill and making it worth a little bit less now why would someone want to do that because when your currency
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is devalued that makes your export goods cheaper on the market and that sort of creates a short term boost in economic growth now the fear with that is once you start going down that path as japan did europe can say well hey i'm going to lower the value of my currency america could follow suit and so on and so forth and that's the kind of clash that essentially leads to what we know as an economic currency war at the last time that happened was in the one nine hundred thirty s. and as we all remember that had some pretty devastating consequences now japan insists that it's just trying to stimulate its economy and what we're likely to see out of the g. twenty is probably some tough talk not a lot of action because the countries are quite divided on this issue what everyone can agree on is that a full blown full scale currency war certainly won't be good for anyone in these economic times and we did hear the russian finance minister calling for calm ahead of the talks saying that countries should really be competing between their economies and not focusing on the currencies and looks like it's not the only issue
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on the table that. of course one of the hot topics of debate is likely to be voting rights at the international monetary fund where countries like russia and china have less of a say despite the fact that they have trillions of dollars in reserves and so they are going to be pushing this is an ongoing issue or a revision in the way the i.m.f. is structured so that developing economies have more of a greater say now another of major issues of course debts and deficits with the finance minister is likely to try to come up with some sort of a new pact to reduce the borrowing now in happier economic times back in the twenty g twenty in toronto the countries have agreed to half their deficits they're all unfortunately given the economic crisis falling short of those goals so we're likely to see a new statement a new sort of deficit reduction goal that's a little bit more watered down come out of this with more of a focus on economic growth as opposed to fiscal restraint now another issue that
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we're likely to see on the agenda is russia actually pushing forward for a special committee to track the the libyan credibility of credit ratings agencies something that's likely to get a very warm response considering the recent scandals with the ratings agencies we're also going to see a major push for job creation this is something that russia has been very big on as well as a focus on more traditional topics like fighting corruption stimulating international trade and sort of trying to get this economic situation back on track but a lot of major financial issues of course as russia becomes the first big emerging economy to assume the annual presidency of the g twenty summit. she's losing confidence reporting there live to say thank you very much thank you. hunger poverty and a lack of health care it's modern day europe and greece the continent's most troubled state and people that are being forced to find ways to cope with a situation like you chance handouts and even leaving the country for greener
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pastures. the u.s. department of defense has allocated three million dollars for the development of a groundbreaking smartphone strace recognition technology though it's intended to be used mainly by the military its potential use in law enforcement health care and civil i.d. programs sparked new privacy concerns. has more now on america's formulas for surveillance. the information age was an era nearly everybody in braced by today's surveillance age experts say is a reality oh most no one can escape we are five years away in new york from zero privacy from every new yorker being being tracked and catalogued and watched and that information being saved for pretty much an indeterminate period of private investigator steve rom bomb believes america is being landscaped into an eye as
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wide open society through the advancing market of biometrics technology that uses his illogical and behavioral recognition to identify people. a system touted as a national security necessity is being used to build a database where the biometric identity of millions of americans will be gathered and stored when you look at crying when you look at terrorism what we're really focusing on is the individual and so if you are interested in reducing crime or do think terrorism you do have to focus on the individual and i am in a way. of connecting the person with a measurement recognition of unwanted visitors face recognition and iris scanning are the current tools of the trade however scientists are reportedly developing new technology aimed at identifying anyone from much greater distances if researchers are successful the defense department may eventually be able to detect individuals
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by your sheet heartbeat walking patterns and possibly even older long range fingerprint and iris scanning are reportedly also being explored for the u.s. tool box of tracking their reasons to have such security devices sure. do i think it's american do i think it's appropriate that somebody can press a button and determine everywhere i've been everything i've done every. when i've been with you know its role and i think that we're title to privacy. author and journalist a.j. jacobs recently spent three months documenting every second of his life with a small camera and like a bluetooth it's remarkable it holds ten hours of video esquire magazine editor at large subscribed to self surveillance for an article about life long yet he believes the market of high tech cameras and consumer biometric applications will soon make little brother and equally big concern and i think that we are. we're not
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going to have a private moment in the future and i always tell people listen if you want to have an extramarital affair you better have it right now because you're going to be able to have them five years because everything will be tracked your husband or wife will be able to know exactly where you are at all times as companies like apple moved her words fingerprint readers and facial recognition insiders say that consumer electronics will generate an entirely new source of revenue for the biometric industry and industry estimated to bank more than nine billion dollars globally this year however the top cash cow is expected to remain government spending on security the bit in the past five years the department of defense has shelled out an estimated three billion dollars on biometric programs. hard to believe that just ten years ago the concept of facial recognition biometric
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surveillance and domestic drones was limited to science fiction movies like minority report burning up or not aren't. now a decade behind bars without charge or trial now a please being made to barack obama to finally free a british man from gun tom obey after he was cleared for release years ago this story and much more after a short break for you. speak the language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on our team reporting from the world talks about six of v.o.i.p. interviews intriguing story to tell you. try. to find out more visit our big t.v. don't call.
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a nation in three grand you take three in-store charges free. range month free. three stooges free. download free broadcast quality video for your media project a free media oh god r.t. dot com. he will be welcome bok honest international is taking a petition to the u.s.
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president to call for the release of a u.k. citizen who's now spent more than a decade and a shock a alma was held on the suspicion of links to al qaeda but has never been challenged to face a trial he was cleared for release in two thousand and nine but remains in detention nonetheless and tom was a bit well known at defense council for going ton a prison is says almost cases not an exception. shocker amr was sold for a bounty the united states drop of leaflets to go and offered five thousand to twenty five thousand dollars for every quote arab terrorists who would be turned in in an area where people make two hundred dollars a year that was enough as a leaflet said to feed your family for a life so any arab you found you could sell for a bounty there are about one hundred sixty people like one ton of zero today about fifteen of those are people who really could be charged with war crimes like khalid shaikh mohammed they were brought to guantanamo afterwards of their other you know one hundred fifty or so people eighty six of them have been cleared for release and
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are sitting there the others are not even charged with anything or thought of to be really bad guys these are people ignored president obama faces opposition within congress and it's no doubt the people of that many republicans that pandered to fear but obama cannot let that stop him from doing just that these people need to be out shocker aamer should be out of guantanamo there is no reason for him to be there british police have been given a severe call thing with the number of offices in d.c. hitting a record low of the country juice's expenses and its continuing financial struggles but is it having any effect on the u.k. security well he saw fast trying to figure out by asking both pro and anti motion legislative. the home secretary's announced plans to set up a national database where police officers will have to declare second jobs this is
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aimed at raising professional standards and this is also part of why do reforms to the seeing the number of police officers drop to the lowest levels for eleven years is the impact of a twenty percent cut and whitehall funding to police budgets takes effect which is think more about these reforms i'm joined by conservative m.p. and britain and labor and. thank you very much to both of you for joining us jim i'm going to start with a lot of the police officers that we were speaking with we've got is a bit of these reforms but at the same time they see the number of police. and police morales. i mean it's quite confusing time i think for police officers as to what's being expected. i understand that there may be slight consolation but given the battering the reputation of the police recent months the government had to take steps to shore up the reputation in terms of. the police
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service. in my part of east london we've seen over one hundred fifty uniform staff gone the past two years productions in crime which we've seen year on year for six years for the past two years been an increase in crime last year of nine percent so as certain parts of the country are being imposed are affecting the safety of people on the streets what do you say to. the lowest level of police officers now for eleven years. so i may not know the police are having to take their share of the of the spending reductions along with the rest of the public sector to get the deficit under control and what we're actually seeing is it's not about numbers it's what you do with the police or innovative ways of maintaining a police presence on the street and jim a home for you have a increase in crime his constituency the fact cross the computer on average last year crime. and fell in my force in leicestershire by eight percent as well so we are seeing a overall reduction in crime across the country the same plans with cutting police
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numbers but they're doing innovative things like sharing back office services with other forces to save money and keep those police out on the streets where people want to be instead of in offices filling in paperwork and snarl that with red tape to think that they're being in it because. the coalition of been and the way they're cutting public services across the piece i was in the fire brigade for twenty five years. the fire brigade. reporting mechanism for a second job for many many years a lot the reform. policing. popular across a piece of the six off. the marine unit in my area. we'd been told that there would be no night patrols on the river as a result of these cuts this is a security issue of terrorism issue as well as an issue of safety on the streets so we have different experiences in terms of our constituencies and everybody wants to
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support the police and we have a different economic strategy to deal with the deficit and the financial measures that need to be in to just essence what we want to do is support the place we both want to see. best to do that kind of speak about integrity it's not just the police integrity it's the public perception of the police integrity and the reforms will help to improve the public perception of prison. all right thank you both very much for joining us you can join in our debate online dot com we've also been on twitter a lot of the public have been getting involved in this debate as well as members of the please. join in the debate about the latest. in bears on their head of this second anniversary of the revolution that toppled that gadhafi regime foreigners are scrambling to get a flight out while government forces and allied militias tighter security around the country and there were fears of violent under-estimated calls for protests against the current government and there have been reports of nato troops arriving in the capital tripoli but the west cares little for supporting democracy says
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former ally five agent annie. a people have invested a lot of hope in the arab spring i think now they're beginning to realize the harsh reality that a lot of it was backed by the west and the west wants to strip their countries of the mineral wealth i mean we're seeing the spillover into other areas like mali and niger as well and this is all part of a bigger sort of power play i think between us wanting to secure the minerals sources of africa generally and stop china getting them so in terms of democracy in the arab spring i think it's very naive to think that that's what the west is trying to help these countries to achieve we've seen an absolute mess left behind by the nato invasion of libya which is what happened two years ago let's not mince words and that was problematic on so many levels not just the international legal level where suddenly aggressive war could be justified as humanitarian intervention even though it stabilized an entire country and results in many more deaths than could be prevented. we're also looking at
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a situation now where the country has lost its ability where there are reports coming out from independent journalists about militias still holding great sweets the country in their power where we have competing fairly fundamentalist politicians police school groups as well fighting over their territory without any of the promised ability wealth and democratic values that were suggested when nato went in so it's become such a mess and so many levels. more people are without work in greece that at any time since the economic crisis began as an employment rate creeps up to twenty seven percent international loans are all that stopping the country going bankrupt and as for my greek m.p.e. cayless says it's not the human level that the deep cuts are really hitting hard well it seems that it's getting worse not better and this is the famous rescue of greece from the european union they say that will reach thirty percent of
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unemployment it means that one thousand people lose their jobs every day in greece this is starting to become a humanitarian crisis and i think it's something that we know no one expected to see in the european union you see extreme poverty you see people's out they tried to get a plate of food from the church we have two hundred fifty thousand people every day trying to get to the church to find food we are talking about the young people that they want to find a job in greece the trying to leave the country we're talking about people that don't have access to primary health services and we're talking about things that no one expected to see it seems that the plan for growth is starting to margin too long to take place so something has to change i do believe that germany has stuck to this plan and doesn't want to admit the mistakes where we listen every day of
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things that could have been better for greece if the plan was bad the reef they had made better estimation about what would happen but this is something that's not only numbers it's one thousand people human beings in the european union that lose their jobs every day this is creating a few months or a crisis inside the euro zone. griese battles his financial problems germany faces serious issues of its own violent clashes have taken place between protesters and police as hundreds of new nart is marched in the city of dresden the rally was held to mark the sixty eighth anniversary of the allied bombing of the industrial center in world war two a day that has become a focal point for the extreme right in germany thousands of anti fascist protesters formed a human chain around the city to try and block the demonstration. in the u.s. senate republicans have voted against name.


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